AT WINE + DINE we combine comprehensive knowledge of the area with obsessive attention to detail and
an unceasing quest for quality. We love what we do – and we do it with style, sophistication and a healthy dose of humor.


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Consider our individual areas of expertise and the theme becomes clear:
commitment to service, passion for the pleasures of the table, and a relentless pursuit of quality.


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    SHELLE WOLFE ‘Chief Evolution Officer’

    With a zest for wine, food and travel, a flair for the creative, and three decades of solid success in the “biz,” Shelle is a natural when it comes to the delights and details of Wine Country event planning and management.

    In 1985, she began honing her expertise in the Corporate Events department of Palo Alto’s Amazing Events. She soon started Austin-Wolfe Event Design which, over the years, grew to three offices nationwide. Seeking the beauty and pleasures of Napa Valley lifestyle, Shelle moved to the area in 1995, joined Wine & Dine Events, and purchased the company from founder, David Mitchel, in 2003.

    The first to launch a Napa Valley program of “Green” meetings and events, Shelle has long been committed to maintaining and protecting her turf from eco-mismanagement.

  • Ellen Kieval

    ELLEN KIEVAL ‘Director of Vivaciousness’

    Ellen Kieval Comes to us with over two decades of hospitality experience and a distinctive grasp of luxury service. As manager of our Leisure Department, Ellen combines a lifelong focus on food and wine and a keen eye for detail with an unwavering commitment to her customers’ enjoyment.  She delights in creating one-of-a-kind experiences that perfectly reflect the needs of each client, resulting in an impressive portfolio of memorable trips, and an ever-increasing fan club across the country.

  • Britt VanGiesen

    BRITT GLEASON ‘Ringmaster’

    You will appreciate the dedication and entrepreneurial savvy of our “Director of Corporate Evolution”. Britt’s task is to understand, articulate, develop and work miracles with your program objectives. His thorough immersion into your corporate culture and goals will assist you in developing a seamless, one-of-a-kind event. Britt’s combination of charm, humor and eons of event experience keeps everyone on their toes.

  • Barbara Burnham

    BARBARA BURNHAM ‘The Duchess of Details’

    ‘Fun’ as an occupation? Barbara discovered her new calling. With a passion for Hospitality and Event Planning, Barbara traded her teaching career in for a new life in Hospitality at Wine Country hotels. Her passion is in developing relationships with vendors and discovering amazing new venues in the Valley. Barbara pairs discerning Wine+Dine guests with the incredible riches of the Wine Country.

  • Lisa McAdams

    LISA MCADAMS ‘Lady of Logostical Logistics’

    Lisa is able to of experience, enthusiasm, and notable expertise to his role as partner in Wine & Dine. A bit of a Renaissance man, he is a trained architect, former museum director, home winemaker and brewmeister. Ron’s art and culinary interests have propelled him to write a book entitled Guerilla Gourmet. Need a brilliant idea for a particular client? He can weave together a clever plan in seconds. His ingenuity and innate curiosity make him the “go-to-guy” with the perpetual light bulb over his head.


    RON EGHERMAN ‘The idea Guy’

    Ron brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and notable expertise to his role as partner in Wine & Dine. Need a brilliant idea for a particular client? He can weave together a clever plan in seconds. His ingenuity and innate curiosity make him the “go-to-guy” with the perpetual light bulb over his head.





Our Ambassadors at Your Service!  We love what we do – and we do it with style, sophistication and a healthy dose of humor.  Meet our Guides!

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  • David Meagher

    DAVID MEAGHERAmbassador-at-Large’

    Dave Meagher is a local’s local… he knows the Wine Country inside out and provides a unique insider’s experience that will make you scratch your head and wonder where you’ve been all your life! Referred to by some as the “most interesting man in the Valley,” Dave’s company is both insightful and delightfully entertaining.


    EVA ALLERSTORFER ‘Ambassador-at-Large’

    Our lovely Eva is from Hawaii, land of aloha and hospitality where she owned a Bed & Breakfast.  Serving food daily, she developed a passion for it and decided to try her hand at cooking… soon becoming Chef/Owner of a catering company.  Now living in Sonoma… she is enjoying all things wine & food related… and is passionate about sharing and entertaining.


    NATALIE TORRES ‘Ambassador-at-Large’

    Television Producer and Restaurant Owner were Natalia’s early careers, then deciding to leave her native San Francisco to travel the world.  Madrid, Spain was her home for a significant stretch of time but was drawn back to the charms of the Wine Country.  Now living in Sonoma, she has happily jumped back into the world of hospitality, working with chefs, leading tours, and managing events.


    LUCIA McCOMBER  Ambassador-at-Large’

    With her designer pumps, Lucia fills the shoes of a Wine & Dine tour guide with style!  A second generation Napa Valley grape grower, Lucia has the lowdown on wine…from the vineyard to the bottle!  She loves the tending her grapes and her organic vegetable garden, as well as skiing and exploring exotic locales such as India—hopefully in more sensible shoes!

  • Galbie Robinson

    GALBIE ROBINSON ‘Head Honcho of Hi-Jinks’ 

    Galbie is a ring leader of lively celebration and merrymaking for our guests.  Galbie’s warm, quick wit and exceptional knowledge of wine and food (due to fifteen years’ premium restaurant experience) make him one our favorite characters to hang out with.

  • Sandy Maas

    SANDY MAAS ‘Ambassador at Large’

    Wine & Dine loves our red-heads, and Sandy is a stand out favorite.  Passionate, effervescent, with hospitality genes flowing in her blood.  Sandy has thrown parties for a 1,000 at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, dined on the finest cuisines, sipped and swirled world-class wines, and has her ear to the source when it comes to insider news.

  • Steve Frattini

    STEVE FRATTINI ‘Ambassador-at-Large’

    A native of Napa, Steve joined Wine & Dine in 1999 as Tour Director and “Ambassador-at-Large.”  Steve knows the Wine Country from every angle imaginable, literally.  He was the first hot air balloon pilot to soar over the valley in 1972, and can name without hesitation the ownership of vineyard blocks in the area.

  • Moje Wolfe

    MOJE WOLFE ‘Bonified Rescue Dog’

    They tell me I’m smart and well behaved…and for a treat, I’ll do just about anything!



Executive / SAS

"With Shelle at the helm and Ellen manning the tiller you charted exactly the course we were looking for. Thank you for the perfect execution and all the wonderful Napa memories."