WINE COUNTRY LIMO TOURS  Enjoy the new breed of Limousine service! Limos now come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the desires of any size group. Wine+Dine specializes in Napa limo tours for groups with passion for luxury. We can accommodate your group size up to 50 guests in one limousine!Experience your own limousine as you meander through the Wine Country. Grand landscapes of rolling green hills dotted with some of the world’s most respected vineyards and wine estates producing world-class vintages are your visual feast. The wineries run the architectural gamut from historical importance to modern brilliance and technical wizardry. Many turn-of-the-century stone buildings are still home to winemakers creating stunning vintages year after year, while minutes down the road, an up-and-coming young winemaker combines knowledge with art to create a fabulous new entry into the “cult” wine scene.Napa Valley has something for anyone who is eager to completely immerse themselves into a Wine+Dine limo voyage!

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